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: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Dub
: Bakugan New Vestroia Dub
: B-Legend! Battle B-Daman Dub
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: Beast Wars: Transformers Dub
: Ben 10 Dub
: Beyblade Dub
: Beyblade V-Force Dub
: Beyblade G-Revolution Dub
: Bleach Dub
: Bleach Sub
: Blue Dragon Dub
: Buzzer Beater Sub
: Capeta Sub
: Cardcaptors Dub
: Cardcaptors Sakura Sub
: Case Closed Dub (FNM'd)
: CLAMP School Detectives Dub
: Crest of the Stars Dub
: Cubix Dub
: Cyborg 009 Dub
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: Digimon Dub
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: Hajime No Ippo New Challenger Sub
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: Heroman Sub
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: Hikaru No Go Sub
: Hoop Days Dub
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: Initial D Sub
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: Inuyasha: The Final Act Sub
: Iron Man Armored Adventures Dub
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: Soul Hunter Dub
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Full English Dubbed Digimon Season 1: Digimon Adventures Episodes

The first Digimon series starts out with seven kids at a summer camp: Tai, Izzy, Sora, Jo, Mimi, Matt, and his brother TK. Unknownst to them but that was where they would embark on a journey of epic proportions. They see these lights sparkling in the sky like the aurora borealis and then they get their digivices, mysterious handheld machines that help them with their digimons' evolutions and get transported to the Digital World. They all land in slightly different places and waiting for them were their own respective Digimon. The series goes on with MANY plot twists, new evolutions, and amazing themes of courage and friendship. It might seem cliche and cheesy but it really touched me and it was all done in a very ingenious way.

Full Digimon Season 1: Digimon Adventures

Full Digimon Episode 1: And So It Begins
Full Digimon Episode 2 :The Birth of Greymon
Full Digimon Episode 3 : Garurumon
Full Digimon Episode 4 :Biyomon Gets Firepower
Full Digimon Episode 5 :Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
Full Digimon Episode 6 :Togemon it Toy Town
Full Digimon Episode 7 :Harpoon Torpeedo
Full Digimon Episode 8 :Evil Shows His Face
Full Digimon Episode 9 :Subzero Ice Punch
Full Digimon Episode 10: A Clue From the Digi-Past
Full Digimon Episode 11: The Dancing Digimon
Full Digimon Episode 12: Digi-Baby Boom
Full Digimon Episode 13: The Legend of the Digi-Destined
Full Digimon Episode 14: Departure for a new Continent
Full Digimon Episode 15: The Dark Network of Etemon
Full Digimon Episode 16: The Arrival or Skull Greymon
Full Digimon Episode 17: The Crest of Sincerity
Full Digimon Episode 18: The Piximon Cometh
Full Digimon Episode 19: The Prisoner of the Pyramid
Full Digimon Episode 20: The Earthquake of MetalGreymon
Full Digimon Episode 21: Home Away From Home
Full Digimon Episode 22: Forget About It!
Full Digimon Episode 23: Were Garurumon's Diner
Full Digimon Episode 24: No Questions Please
Full Digimon Episode 25: Princess Karaoke
Full Digimon Episode 26 :Sora's Crest of Love
Full Digimon Episode 27 :Gateway to Home
Full Digimon Episode 28 :It's All In the Cards
Full Digimon Episode 29 :Return To Heighten View Terrace
Full Digimon Episode 30 :Almost Home Free
Full Digimon Episode 31 :The Eighth Digivice
Full Digimon Episode 32 :Gatomon Comes Calling
Full Digimon Episode 33 :Out On the Town
Full Digimon Episode 34 :The Eighth Child Revealed
Full Digimon Episode 35 :Flower Power
Full Digimon Episode 36 :City Under Seige
Full Digimon Episode 37 :Wizardmon's Gift
Full Digimon Episode 38 :Prophecy
Full Digimon Episode 39 :The Battle For Earth
Full Digimon Episode 40 :Enter the Dark Masters
Full Digimon Episode 41 :Seasick and Tired
Full Digimon Episode 42 :Under Pressure
Full Digimon Episode 43 :Puppetmon's Deadly Game
Full Digimon Episode 44 :Matt and the Forest of Delusion
Full Digimon Episode 45 :The Ultimate Clash
Full Digimon Episode 46 :Etemon's Comeback Tour
Full Digimon Episode 47 :Ogremon's Hero
Full Digimon Episode 48 :My Sister's Keeper
Full Digimon Episode 49 :Crest of Light
Full Digimon Episode 50 :Joe's Battle
Full Digimon Episode 51 :The Crest of Friendship
Full Digimon Episode 52 :Piedmon's Last Jest
Full Digimon Episode 53 :Now Apokalymon    
Full Digimon Episode 54 :Fate of Two Worlds




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